Review Policy

Review Policy

I am committed to writing only honest reviews. I don't receive any compensation for writing reviews other than when an author or publisher sends me a free review copy. However, even when I receive a free review copy this will in no way affect my commitment to write an honest review. This means you the author or publisher may or may not like my review. I will also say that even if a book was not my cup of tea, I don't just say what I didn't like about a book, but what I did like. So even if the rating or review was not what you were hoping for, while I believe in being honest, I do not believe in trashing an author, their book or publisher. Honesty doesn't mean you have to be cruel. I've seen reviewers make reviewing books a personal attack on authors and or publishers they don't care for, and you will not find that here at Raina's Reviews.

That being said, I love reading romance so for the most part with the occasional exception, you will see only reviews of romance books on Raina's Reviews.

My favorite books to read are erotic romance (contemporary, paranormal, historical, steampunk, urban fantasy, science fiction, fantasy, GLBT, menage, and multiple partner-as long as they are monogamous with each other, think Siren/Bookstrand's LoveXtreme imprint).

I will also read and review sensual and sweet romances in the contemporary, historical, paranormal, steampunk, science fiction, urban fantasy and fantasy sub-genres.

I'm not interested in reviewing YA at this time, but I will consider New Adult romance books.

Please do not send me a book that doesn't fall into one of these categories. If you're not sure if your book will fit into one of these romance sub-genres, or you think there are enough romantic elements to keep me interested in your storyline, you are welcome to contact me via e-mail and check with me.

Basically as long as it is a romance or has some romantic elements I'll consider reviewing it.

Consider the following before you decide to submit your book for review:

  • I don't read books in the order I receive them, I read what catches my interest via the blurb, cover and excerpt you send in with your review request. 
  • Sending me a book review request with a book attachment does not guarantee you a review.
  • I don't guarantee that you will receive a notification if I do post a review for your book. I do try to let authors and publishers know, but it's not guaranteed. If you don't see a review for your book after three months of submitting it, you are welcome to resubmit your book. 
  • I only accept e-books at this time. I have a kindle fire so my preference is mobi or azw formats, but I can easily convert epub, and pdf if that's all you have.'
  • If I decide not to review your book I will delete the e-mail and the attachment. I support the fight against e-book piracy. The only copy of your book that will ever exist is the one you send me. I do not share e-books I receive for review with anyone.
If after reading all this you want to request a review please send the following to rainasreviews at gmail dot com:

  1. Blurb
  2. JPG of your Cover
  3. A short excerpt
  4. Your book attached in mobi format if you have it, or an epub or pdf if you don't have mobi format.

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